Rossin History (EN)

Mario Rossin served his apprenticeship under Ernest Colnago back in the days when Ernesto actually performed much of the labor himself. Rossin graduated through the ranks, then performed as chief builder until he left Colnago in 1974. It was during this era when his work with the likes of Merckx that Colnago shot to the pinnacle of fame and success. Rossin’s big chance came in 1974 when, with the backing of some wealthy industrialists, he opened his own frame works just 2 miles across town
from Ernesto. In the following years, Rossin continued to refine and improve his designs and workmanship to the present point of meticulours quality.

Rossin was established in 1974. At that time, the founder, Mr. Mario Rossin, an expert technician and welder, was personally overlooking the hand made production of a precious few jewels of bicycling.

In 1992 the company was bought by a company called Finross (whose owners had founded Regina Cycles, Speed and Lema Sport). That raised the productivity without changing the quality standards of the hand made production. Finross was finally absorbed by Regina Cycles at the end of the 90’s.

Rossin bikes have been used by such champions as De Vlaeminck, Van Poppel, Berzin, Ugrumov, Virenque, Argentin, Kelly, Kuiper and many others.

The product Rossin was chosen by Coca-Cola in 1994 as the testimonial to support its advertising campaign during the Olympics, thus introducing Rossin on the American market.

The Rossin brand, synonymous with quality and prestige, has been deposited both literally and phonetically thus giving the company recognizability and a strong identity.

GRUPPO BICI has announced the return of Rossin into professional cycling. Not only have we confirmed the collaboration with the Mobilvetta-Northwave team, but because of the successes of last season, like the two stages at the Giro d’ltalia including the first, we thought that the aghonistic year 2000 should be really great for us. Rossin has become the second name of the team: MOBILVETTA-ROSSIN.

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